How to Get Rid of Under-Eye Bags

By LeafTV Contributor

Under-eye bags have many causes, and many ways to get rid of them. They can be caused by fatigue, emotional distress or poor eating habits. For some, the bags are hereditary and sometimes get bigger with age or hormonal fluctuations. No matter the cause, you can get rid of or reduce your under-eye bags with a good diet, proper rest and a few eye-care tricks.

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Step 1

Avoid salty foods, which make you retain water and aggravate your under-eye bags. Drink plenty of water. Avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Step 2

Get eight hours of sleep a night. Sleep with your head slightly elevated so that liquid does not pool under your eyes. Before going to bed, remove your contact lenses.

Step 3

Treat seasonal allergies, which can cause your eyes to be puffy and itchy, with oral antihistamines or eye drops.

Step 4

Use a cold compress on your eyes to reduce swelling.

Step 5

Apply sliced cucumbers or potatoes to your eyes to reduce puffiness.