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We've all seen the Hollywood cliche: A woman relaxing in a spa with a towel around her hair, wearing a facial and two cucumber slices over her eyes. While there is no proof that cucumbers have any special medicinal qualities, no one can deny that putting something cold and wet on your eyes after a hard day feels really good. Many people find that napping with cucumber slices is a sure cure for puffy eyes and dark circles.

Clean the cucumber and cut two thin slices that are large enough to cover your eyes, including the area under your eyes.

Refrigerate the cucumber slices to maximize their effect. Many people also soak the slices in cold milk to reduce the acidity. The mild acid in cucumbers will sting if it gets in your eyes.

Prepare a relaxing atmosphere for your nap. Play some soft music, eliminate any harsh lights and turn off your cell phone. If you want, apply a facial for a total relaxation experience.

Place the slices over your eyes and relax. The coldness of the slices can help reduce swelling under your eyes, thus reducing puffiness and tightening the skin. The high water content of the slices also helps hydrate your skin.

Leave the slices on for 15 minutes. If you want, you can replace the slices with fresh ones about half way through.


Be careful when putting anything on your eyes, especially food products like cucumbers. Cucumbers carry bacteria just like any other organic matter, and pose a danger of eye infection. Keep your cucumber slices clean before using them.