Fungus can grow in any parts of the body; skin, foot, scalp. A very common form of fungus that infects the scalp is known as Ringworm. This fungus can be contagious and it survives in any wet environment. These are some tips on getting rid of scalp or hair fungus.

First, the most obvious signs that you may be infected by a scalp fungus is an extreme itch and a feeling of urgency to scratch the scalp. When this happens wash the hair thoroughly and dry it very well. If the itchiness doesn't go away, it's likely that your scalp is hosting a fungus.

Second, try a home remedy to get rid of the scalp fungus. Buy a bottle of Castor oil. Use a small cotton ball, damp it with the oil and apply it to the entire scalp. Do this step once a day, for two to three days and wear latex gloves when putting on the oil. Wash your hair at least once a day, dry it , and rinse out the oil thoroughly.

Third, see a doctor and get a scalp fungus prescription. If the itchiness and fungus don't go away after two to three days, see a doctor and ask for medications. These drugs may kill the fungus in a short time. For some people the drugs may be more effective than home remedies.

Drink plenty of natural juices for the duration of the scalp fungus, and along with the treatments. Prepare carrots, celery, cucumber and aloe drinks. Take one of these supplements; B complex, vitamin E and Folic Acid. These vitamins may help fight the fungus and reduce the itch.