Used petroleum jelly

Winter's frequent colds often result in a glowing red nose. Repeated sneezing and nose-blowing with even the softest tissue can't protect this delicate facial skin. Red and irritated skin on the nose isn't an allergic reaction: It's simply your body's natural reaction to the constant friction of wiping your nose with tissues. A red nose is an unsightly announcement that you've got a cold or allergies; treat this area carefully, to make sure your skin heals and the redness disappears as soon as possible.

Wash your face carefully with a mild soap. If you typically use a facial scrub, avoid using this type of abrasive product until after your irritated skin heals. Rinse any soap off your face completely and pat your face dry. Don't rub the towel across your nose, as this will just add to the irritation.

Place a clean washcloth under cool, running water. Clear your nose out by blowing it completely (soft toilet paper works best). Wring out the washcloth and hold it against the inflamed area of your nose for 5 minutes. This super-hydrates the skin, as well as cools the pain of the exposed skin. It's best to hydrate the skin multiple times each day after you've blown your nose.

Apply a light layer of Neosporin to your nose multiple times each day after you've hydrated your skin and after you've blown your nose. Try to keep the Neosporin on without wiping it off for as long as possible. Don't place any Neosporin inside your nose.

Apply a drop of Vitamin E oil to your fingertip after hydrating your nose. Gently rub the oil into the sore, red skin around your nose. Vitamin E gel caps can also be used. Just puncture the gel covering and squeeze the gel onto your finger.

Apply a light layer of petroleum jelly to your nose at various times during the day to protect your nose from additional chafing. Adding this layer helps protect the skin from repeated rubbing of tissues or handkerchiefs.

Use Neosporin, petroleum jelly or vitamin E oil at night to protect and heal the red and irritated skin on your nose. Apply a generous layer at night, since the product won't be rubbed off with tissues while you sleep.