When your complexion goes from glowing to greasy, excess oil is to blame. Unclogging pores, gently cleansing your skin and even moisturizing it can help you reduce the oil. Design a smart skin care routine and you’ll be able to keep that oily skin in check.

Oily skin comes in many forms, whether you struggle with a greasy T-zone or all-over shine. Understanding more about your skin is the first step in combatting the excess oil.

Since hormonal fluctuations, genetics and even the weather play a role in how much oil your skin produces, preventing oily skin is a challenge. The best way to avoid or reduce an oily complexion is by revamping your skin care routine using homemade and over-the-counter products that target excess shine.

Household products can also help you reduce oily skin. Use witch hazel as a gentle natural astringent that minimizes and dries your pores. Or, combine an egg white with honey and flour to create a paste. Apply this homemade mask to oily areas to encourage oil absorption.

Oily skin can occur anytime, and you might notice excess oil in the middle of the day. A few products can help you combat oil and shine wherever you are:

  • Dab blotting tissues onto your skin to absorb oil without wiping away makeup.

  • Dust some pressed powder over your freshly blotted skin to reduce shine.