There are a wide variety of skin parasites you can become infected with. These range from lice, the small insects that can infest your hair, to ticks, another form of insect that can attach itself to your skin and suck your blood (similar to a mosquito, only much more painful). Although the kind of parasite can change, ridding your body of them is fairly consistent.

Identify the parasite, if you can. This is going to help you tailor a remedy to remove the parasite.

Take a long, hot shower or bath. The hot water is going to help kill off the parasites, no matter what kind you have. If you have lice, use a shampoo made specifically for killing infected lice.

Vacuum the entire house if you have fleas or lice. Dispose of the vacuum bag or dump the contents of the vacuum into a trash bag on the exterior of the house and take the trash to the curb.

Apply a medicated cream upon the infected sites if you have scabies. Products such as tea tree oil can help reduce the itching and kill the parasite.

Washing any clothing that may have come in contact with the parasite. Most skin parasites can live several weeks without the skin of your body. It's a good practice to wash all of your clothing and bed covers in the hottest water you can.