how to get rid of holes due to nose piercings
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Making the choice to have your nose pierced can feel momentous at the time, but because the nose heals quickly, the lasting consequences are usually small. There might be times when your nose piercing is unacceptable, and in these cases you'll want to hide the hole without actually letting it close. In other instances, you might want to allow the hole to close completely. Either way, a nose piercing hole is normally easy to keep inconspicuous.

Hide your nose piercing, but keep the hole from permanently closing, by switching the jewelry for a clear or flesh-colored stud. These studs are available wherever jewelry for nose piercings are sold. This is a good option for those who attend school or have a job where facial piercings are not permitted. This way, you can change the jewelry to something more visible when it is appropriate.

Remove your nose piercing when you are ready to let the hole close permanently. A nose piercing goes through the thick cartilage of your nostril. Cartilage heals considerably quicker than piercings through flaps of skin, such as earlobes. The actual healing time varies according to how your body heals, and may take as little as a couple of days. For some people, the hole will shrink and start to close within minutes. The majority of nose piercing holes heal with no scar, or a scar that looks like a pore.

Leave the jewelry in a piercing that has become infected, and visit your piercer or a doctor. If you remove the jewelry while the hole is infected, you run the risk of forming an abscess. Nose holes heal very quickly, and will trap the infection under your skin. In some cases, this kind of abscess needs to be surgically removed, resulting in a large scar.