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If it is cold outside and your hair has seen better days, don't worry. Flyaway hair or static hair is a common problem during the cold and dry winter months. Follow these tips to get rid of flyaway hair and so you'll have great looking hair year round.

Bad hair day
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How To Get Rid Of Flyaway Hair


Spray your hair with hairspray to tame flyaway hairs. Alternatively, you can spray your hairbrush with hairspray and then brush your hair to get rid of flyaway hairs.

Use a shampoo formulated for frizzy hair. These shampoos can help you eliminate flyaway hairs and tame frizz.

Apply a hair serum or gel to your hair to get rid of any flyaway hair. Silicone-based hair serums and gels will help keep your hair smooth and tame any unruly hairs at the same time.

Put a small amount of cream or lotion through your hair. Any kind of hand or body lotion will work. Simply place a small amount of lotion in your hands and run your hands over the areas of flyaway hairs. Be sure not to use too much lotion or you can weigh your hair down.

Run a dryer sheet across your hair. This helps eliminate static hair, and it tames flyaway hair at the same time.

Dampen your hair to get rid of flyaways. Slightly wet your hands with water and run your hands through your hair to tame flyaway hairs. You could also use a spray bottle to spray water on the parts of your hair that have flyways.


  • Consider using a natural bristle brush to help eliminate flyaway hair.