Meat and other foods can suffer freezer burn when exposed for too long to subfreezing temperatures. Storing food in a freezer preserves it but also dries it out. That missing moisture contains much of the food’s flavor. Freezer burn also imparts to food an off-taste that can dominate a meal. Eliminating freezer burn flavor requires replacing the missing moisture and a couple of steps that, if executed properly, can save the damaged meat.

Things You'll Need

Cut away the freezer-burned parts. Use a sharp knife to remove the whitish parts of the meat that show freezer burn. Leave as little as possible, because this is where the off-taste flavor arises. Remove skin from freezer-burned poultry or fish, because skin retains a lot of the freezer-burned flavor.

Brine the meat. Put water, salt and ice in a large container and submerge the meat. Place the container in the refrigerator for about 24 hours. Replace the water/salt/ice mixture every four hours. Add spices that you will be using during cooking to help infuse flavor, such as flavored salts and dried herbs.

Cook the meat in a liquid-based preparation, such as poaching in a skillet or slow cooking. Cooking the meat slowly in a liquid will help replace the missing moisture and infuse flavor.

Cut the meat into smaller pieces and use it as an ingredient for meals such as stews.