How To Make A Roasting Bag

Roasting meat is an easy, popular cooking method. Just prepare and pop it in the oven for roasted meat or poultry. Yet roasting isn't foolproof. Sometimes you end up with tough meat plus a mess to clean up. That's why oven roasting bags were invented. Whether you just ran out of roasting bags or are trying to save money, you can make your own by following the steps.

Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil slightly larger than what it would take to entirely cover the meat you want to roast.

Lay the sheet of foil within a roasting pan. Push it in slightly to conform to the size of the pan. To keep the meat from sticking to the foil, consider spraying the foil with a cooking spray or brushing the meat with vegetable oil or melted butter. Store bought bags use flour inside the bag to keep meat from sticking.

Center the meat or poultry on the foil. Pull up gently on the foil until the edges meet. What you want to do is make a pocket that fits around the meat with some space between the meat and the foil.

Fold one edge of the foil over the other. Scrunch it together to hold the seal. Make certain all edges are sealed.

Cook your meat at 325 or 350 degrees. For the last 30 minutes, open up the foil to allow the meat to brown.