nail polish

Whether you touch your child's hair before your nail polish dries or she gets into your nail polish when you are not looking, wet nail polish sometimes finds its way onto children's hair. While removing nail polish from your nails is easy with commercial nail polish remover, getting it out of your child's hair may be more difficult because her hair is so fine and delicate. There are other methods to try, however.

How to Remove Nail Polish From a Child's Hair

Isolate the strands of hair that are covered with nail polish and put an ice cube on them. Try to chip the pieces of hardened nail polish from your child's hair. Do this until you remove as much of the nail polish as possible. Proceed to the next step if nail polish remains in your child's hair.

Put a little baby oil or mineral oil on your fingers. Gently massage the nail polish spots. Gently pull on the nail polish, running your fingernails down the strands of hair. If the polish begins to come out, continue this process until you dislodge as much of the polish as possible. If some nail polish remains in your child's hair, proceed to the next step.

Put a small amount of nail polish remover on a cotton swab or cotton ball. Dab on your child's hair until the nail polish is removed.

Rinse out all traces of the nail polish remover or other substances used to remove the nail polish.