Lisa Rinna
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Lisa Rinna is known both for her role on "Days of Our Lives" and for her fabulous short hair. Lisa and her stylist Matthew Shields tell you how to get that sassy, disheveled-chic look she's so famous for.

Some people know Lisa Rinna from her iconic roles as Billie Reed on "Days of Our Lives" and Taylor McBride in the original "Melrose Place." Others adore her fashion line, Belle Gray. And still others are dedicated followers of her Twitter feed, especially after Rinna danced her way into our lives on the second season of "Dancing With the Stars."

Regardless of when or how you became acquainted with Rinna's career -- and whether you're familiar with it now -- you know her hair. That sassy, disheveled look has become a coveted style among women everywhere. Rinna spoke to eHow about why she got this cut almost two decades ago, why she has kept it and how you can emulate it.

Lisa Rinna
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eHow: Did you know there were so many people who want your hairstyle?

Lisa Rinna: Isn't that funny?! I swear, if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me about my hair, I would be quite wealthy.

eHow: When did you first chop off your hair?

LR: About 19 years ago. It was right around the time I met Harry. We've been together for 19 years. I was auditioning for "Days of Our Lives," which is ironic since now I'm back. I went in with long hair, and I got a callback. For the callback, I went in with short hair. I swear that is one of the reasons I got the part.

eHow: That was a pretty brave move.

LR: Yes. You don't normally do that, but I was in one of those phases in my life where I had just broken up with a guy I'd been in a long-term relationship with. A girl in my acting class came in with this short haircut and I thought it was so cute. I just did it on a whim. I was in that "I am woman, hear me roar" space, and I just did it. I've only grown it back once, after I had Delilah. But it just didn't work for me, and I wasn't really working, and I thought, "I'd better cut it again if I want to go back to work." I cut it and I went right back to work.

eHow: Who cut your hair short the first time?

LR: The first person who cut it off was the guy that the girl in the acting class used. I don't remember who that was. He came to my house and cut my hair. Then Jonathan Antin was the one to give it this kind of "Lisa" cut. And now it's Matthew Shields.

eHow: Did you meet Harry with short hair?

LR: No, I had long hair.

eHow: What did he think of your short hair?

LR: He didn't think I should cut it. [laughs] I was sitting at a table with him, the first time I met him, and I remember saying to my friend and him that I was thinking of cutting my hair. And they both said, "No, don't do it. Don't do it. It looks really good long. Don't do it." You can see how much I listen.

eHow: He obviously liked it in the end.

LR: Yeah. I think he is normally a long-hair type of guy, but now he's used to it. I asked him recently if I should grow it out, and he said, "No, you should keep it short."

eHow: What do you love about this style?

LR: For me, it's so easy. It might seem like I'm high maintenance, but I'm very low maintenance. I don't like to spend a lot of time getting ready. I hate sitting in the makeup chair. I hate sitting at the hair salon. I don't want to have my hair blown out. I like things really quick and easy. That's one of the reasons I've kept this hair for so long, because it's easy -- super easy. I'm just a short-hair kind of gal. If I grew it out, I wouldn't know what to do with it.

eHow: Do you ever miss your long hair?

LR: Never.

eHow: Would you ever go shorter?

LR: I would love it! One time, I had it extremely short. Jonathan cut it in a pixie style. I loved it. Yes, I would cut it short, but Harry doesn't like it short-short.

eHow: How long does it take you to style your hair?

LR: Five minutes. Ten minutes tops.

eHow: What is your typical styling routine?

LR: I wash my hair or I use Chaz Dean's Wen. I alternate. I try to not wash it every day. Then I use Paul Mitchell mousse. Then I dry it. Then I put in some kind of pomade. I like Supremo's Magic Move, in soft or hard, or Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Styling Wax. Then I use Kerastase's Double Force Hairspray. A little flat iron if I'm going out, or I throw a little Moroccanoil in it if it's dry. That's it.

eHow: What products do you carry with you in case you have to touch up your hair?

LR: None. I don't have a brush. I don't have a comb. I don't have anything in my purse for my hair. Sometimes, I use my hands because, with my hair, the messier it looks, the better.

eHow: How often do you have to get it trimmed at the salon?

LR: I try to go only every three months. Between salon visits, I'll razor it myself with a disposable Bic razor. I wouldn't say to try that at home necessarily, but this is a little secret that works when you're in a pinch.

eHow: It doesn't seem like your hair allows for a bad hair day.

LR: Rarely. I'm pretty lucky.

eHow: What do you do on those rare occasions?

LR: I throw on a baseball hat -- or a bandanna. I wear a lot of bandannas because I work out a lot -- very low maintenance.

eHow: Do you ever do any at-home treatments to keep your hair healthy?

LR: Yes. I like Jonathan Product's hair mask a lot. Matrix makes a good hair mask. Kerastase has an oil you can use. I don't use these very often, though, unless my hair feels dry from being overworked. But I get my hair cut often enough; it doesn't really get damaged since it gets trimmed.

eHow: Your hair has a lot of depth from highlights. How often do you get it colored?

LR: I have a lot of color. It's a process. I have to get the right base, and then the right highlights. It's a layering process, I would say. I probably get my hair colored once a month for the roots. For the highlights, it depends on how the hair has grown out. Sometimes I do them myself with store-bought stuff. I use the L'Oreal Touch-On Highlights in H90. I'll use that in a pinch if I need a little brightening.

eHow: Your hair is surprisingly versatile. Looking back, what has been your favorite style?

LR: I love it slicked back. My daughters love that. There was a great hairdo we did for the Grammy red carpet. It was slicked back with a big JLo bun that was really pretty. When I did "Dancing With the Stars," we experimented with lots of hairstyles. It's really easy if you want to go there. It's not too short, and you can add pieces. I can really do a lot with it, but I'm just lazy.

eHow: Do you always get your hair done for events?

LR: I do my own hair for a lot of events. If you see me on talk shows, I've probably had my hair done. When you see me on red carpets at events, I've probably done it myself.

eHow: A lot of women hide behind their hair …

LR: You can't hide behind this style, that's for sure. But it's not about your hair. You have to shine your own light because your hair can't do it for you. There's something about short hair that can make you very confident, though. It's sassy. It's freeing.