How to Get Honey Out of a Honeycomb

By Marisa Swanson

Many people are not aware that honeycomb, made of beeswax, is perfectly edible. They are also not aware that many people believe honey directly from the comb tastes sweeter than pre-packaged liquid honey from the store. Honeybee farmers who have a medium to large operation use an extractor machine to get honey from the comb, but there is more than one way to do it simply on your own at home. After all, honey has been collected in the wild from beehives since about 13,000 B.C., long before extractors were invented.

Honey resides inside the cells of the honecomb. Crushing the cells releases honey.

Step 1

Cut off a 1-inch square of the honeycomb with a knife and pop the honeycomb into your mouth. Chew to crush the cells and release the honey or press the comb between your tongue and the roof of your mouth. Eat the comb or spit it out and enjoy the honey on its own.

Step 2

Allow the honey to drip naturally from the comb. Use a knife to cut off the top layer of a portion of the comb--this will open the cells and allow the honey to drip out. Place the cut (dripping) portion of the honey over a bowl to let the honey drip into it.

Step 3

Place a strainer over a bowl and the honeycomb inside the strainer, then crush the honeycomb with a blunt instrument, such as the back of a spoon, a fork or a potato masher. As the cells compress downward they will open and release honey into the bowl.