When women with straight hair talk about their hair, they sometimes wish they could have curls. But using harsh perm solutions and chemicals to achieve the look can cause damage to the hair, and once you have a perm, you can't go back to straight, thick and shiny hair, until all the chemically treated hair has grown out and been cut off. It is possible to have curly, natural-looking hair that frames your face in a flattering way, without using harmful chemicals.


Use a specially formulated wash-and-curl shampoo to clean your hair thoroughly. These shampoos are available at most department or retail stores. Repeat the process, and leave the lathered shampoo on your head for five minutes. Do not use a conditioner.


Towel dry your hair, and comb it out using a large-toothed comb. Let it air dry for five minutes. Use a styling gel, mousse or a holding creme made to enhance curls. Apply the product evenly throughout the hair.


To get curls quickly, use a blow dryer on a warm setting. Start from the ends of your hair and scrunch to the roots, holding sections of hair in your hand. Make a slight fist, but spread your fingers apart, so the heated air reaches your hair.

When your hair is almost dry, flip it forward over your head and dry it completely. This adds extra lift to the root area. You can scrunch the ends of the hair to cut down on frizz.


For more hold, completely cover your hair with a firm holding hairspray. Use a clip or beads to decorate your new hairstyle. For a newer curly look, braid your hair in six sections around your head and let set for at least five hours.


Never use any oil-based hair product when you are trying to get curly hair.