How to Get Gauged Ears Sewn Up

By Maude Coffey

Earlobe piercings can be stretched to make the hole larger than the original piercing. Most ear sizes, up to a zero gauge, can be made smaller by simply removing jewelry and allowing the skin to shrink. In some cases, the earlobes are stretched to the point where surgery is the only option to close them. After stretching their earlobes to a large gauge, such as double zero and larger, a person may decide for personal or work reasons that they must learn how to have the holes sewn up.

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Step 1

Take your ear jewelry out. Allow the skin to close up as much as it can on its own.

Step 2

Make an appointment with your general practitioner to obtain a referral for a plastic surgeon.

Step 3

Meet with the plastic surgeon to discuss the details of the surgery.

Step 4

Consider all aspects that go along with having your stretched ears sewn up. Some things to think about are smaller earlobes after the surgery, the cost of the procedure and the healing and recovery time.