How to Get Dreads to Look Wavy

By Marie Alexandra

Dreads can be worn in many styles. They can be up in a pony tail. If your dreads are long enough, you can wear them straight down your back. The pattern of your dreads doesn't have to be straight all the time. To get your dreads to look wavy, you'll need to follow simple instructions.

You can get your dreads to look wavy.

Step 1

Spray, lightly, some water on all your dreads.

Step 2

Section your hair in square sections using your fingers. A section can have as many dreads as you desire.

Step 3

Separate your sections with rubber bands.

Step 4

Take a section and remove the rubber band.

Step 5

Put a dime size amount of leave-in conditioner on the section. Make sure you put it from root to the tip of the dreads in your section.

Step 6

Hold your section together from the root, and twist the dreads clockwise. Start twisting from the root to the tip of your dreads.

Step 7

Roll the section around itself like a cinnamon roll.

Step 8

Stick a hair pin through the roll and then through the root of the section. This step will secure the roll.

Step 9

Repeat steps four to eight to the rest of the sections on your head.

Step 10

After 12 hours, take down your rolls down and run your finger through your dreads. Now you have wavy looking dreads.