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Dark spots on feet are usually caused by either sun exposure, pregnancy or aging and can be easily removed. This is because these brown spots develop on the surface of the skin rather than in the deep layers of skin. The cells producing the melanin, or skin pigmentation, can easily be peeled away and replaced by new, healthy skin cells. There are many different ways to remove these dark spots from your feet, and it is important to know how to prevent these spots from forming.

Avoid being in the sun to prevent your spots from darkening and to stop the accumulation of any more dark spots. If you must be in the sun, wear sunscreen with a high SPF and protective clothing.

Dab some buttermilk on your dark spots a couple of times per day. Dairy products, especially buttermilk, contain high amounts of lactic acid, which promotes cell turnover and causes dark spots to fade.

Take vitamin E supplements and apply vitamin E oil directly to your dark spots. Vitamin E contains antioxidants that help treat dark spots.

Scrub freshly ground orange peel on your dark spots. It exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells and can make the spots disappear.

See a dermatologist to get your dark spots examined to make sure they aren't skin cancer. Your dermatologist may suggest further treatments, such as laser treatments or microdermabrasion, a method of peeling the skin to remove dark spots.


Eating antioxidant-rich foods also can help clear up your dark spots.


If your dark spots hurt or look unusual, don't hesitate to contact your doctor to get them checked out.

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