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It is possible to get your naturally curly hair into a smooth, straight style. The challenge is that many methods require you to use chemicals or heat. Both can damage the hair and, with continued use, can even cause hair loss. You can straighten you hair, however, without heat and still get quality results -- and you can do it at home.

Shampoo and deep condition your hair. Select a shampoo and conditioner designed for straight hair. Avoid types which say they add volume, clarify or are designed to build body or curls. This choice is especially important for your conditioner, as it is is on your hair last and for the longest time. Wash out all of the product when finished.

Saturate your hair with a liquid-setting lotion. Avoid cream setting lotions because they make your hair heavy and clumpy, not straight and smooth. Use a fine-toothed comb and comb solution from the root to the edges of your hair. This is a perfect time to clear any tangles or knots in your hair.

Segment two sections of hair across the crown or front of your hair. Take two large rollers and roll these segments towards the back of your head. These rollers should be as tight as possible. Use rolling tissue to ensure the ends are not fuzzy.

Brush the rest of your hair from the top of your head and around clockwise. This takes many strokes. The eventual effect you want to achieve is an upside-down hive-like look to your hair. Your hair should spiral around your head downward. As you brush, use one hand to smooth the hair as you go. Watch for tangles caused by overlapping.

Decide how you will dry your hair. If you are certain you will not apply electric heat to your hair, you have two choices. One is to apply clips to the edges of your hair and sit outside in the sun until your hair is completely dry. Or, do you hair before bedtime and apply a silk hair bonnet tightly around your head. Apply clips to your hair and to the bonnet, to hold it in place, and sleep with it on.

Brush your smooth hair out when it is fully dry. The clips and bonnet will leave a shape to your hair. Stick with the existing clockwise pattern until your hair relaxes and begins to lie naturally. This only takes a few brush sweeps. Once it starts to fall out of the hive-shape, you can style it as you wish.