How to Get Beach Sand Off Feet

By LeafTV Contributor

How to Get Beach Sand Off Feet. Sand is fun to play with at the beach, but it isn't so much fun when it is all over your clothes, your car and trapped in your shoes for months after your day in the sun. Fortunately, there are a few great tricks that can help you get that sand off your feet so that you can leave it at the beach where it belongs.

Step 1

Rinse off as much extra sand from your feet as possible. Many beaches provide public showers, which are a great way for getting rid of the bulk of that sand. After showering, use your beach towel to dry off, again, removing some of the extra sand. If there is no shower available, do your best with a beach towel.

Step 2

Arrive at your car and stand on a sand-free surface, such as the pavement in the parking lot. Near the beach, this may be nearly impossible, so do the best you can. Sprinkle your feet with a healthy amount of baby powder, making sure to get between the toes and the bottoms of your feet. You can even put some baby powder on your beach shoes to help remove the sand.

Step 3

Use an old wide, soft-bristled paint brush to wipe away the sand. After applying the baby powder, it should come off easily. Do the same to any part of your body as well as your shoes.

Step 4

Keep a dry, clean, sand-free towel in your car so that you are not trying to remove sand from your feet with a sandy towel. Once all the sand has been wiped away with the brush, remove any extra baby powder with the clean towel.