How to Get an Avon Catalog

By Vincent Runyon

Through a large network of "Avon ladies," Avon is the largest direct seller of makeup products in the world, as their saleswomen come into homes, and demonstrate the quality of those goods. In action since 1886, Avon has spread from its humble beginnings in New York to the rest of the globe, with all of South America and Europe covered, along with much of Asia. With the wide coverage of Avon, it's understandably easy to get their catalog.

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Step 1

Find your local Avon seller. This can be done through the Avon site by simply entering your ZIP code where you are prompted. You may have to register to use this first. Luckily, it's very easy, as all it requires is a name, number, address and e-mail address. You should then have access to the search screen.

Step 2

This can also be done through a simple look on a search engine with "Avon" and then your zip code.

Step 3

Choose your local seller. Depending on your area, there could be a lengthy list of representatives. Basically any Avon lady will do, but if you choose someone with a phone number listed, you'll be able to reach her more quickly.

Step 4

Receive your catalog. The Avon representative may give you a demonstration of the products along with the catalog at your appointment.