How to Get All the Mascara Off Your Eyelashes

By Kimbry Parker

To help protect your lashes from damage, be sure to get all of the mascara off before hitting the hay for the night. You don't need fancy products to do the trick. While eye makeup remover is one product to get mascara off, other common household products will also remove all of the mascara from your delicate eyelashes.

credit: Lateci/iStock/Getty Images
Get mascara off your lashes with products you likely already have at home.

Step 1

Moisten a cotton ball with coconut or olive oil. With your eye closed, rub the oil gently onto your eyelashes using a circular motion until all of the mascara is off. Use a fresh cotton ball and more oil as one becomes filled with mascara.

Step 2

Put a dab of petroleum jelly onto your index finger. Rub your thumb and index finger together, then smooth the petroleum jelly onto your eyelashes. Let it sit for a minute, then wipe off the mascara with a cotton ball.

Step 3

Choose a water-based commercial makeup remover for non-waterproof mascara, or an oil-based makeup remover for waterproof mascara. Moisten a cotton ball with the makeup remover and hold it over your closed eye for five seconds. Wipe gently until all of the mascara is gone.