How to Get a Sample of Flowerbomb Perfume

By LeafTV Editor

Flowerbomb is an eau de parfum released by Viktor & Rolf, a fashion company based in Amsterdam. The perfume evokes the scent of a floral bouquet, with top notes of tea and bergamot, middle notes of jasmine, orchid, freesia and rose, all anchored to a base of heady patchouli. This designer scent is sure to turn heads, but the designer price tag means a full-sized bottle of Flowerbomb could wipe out your checking account. The perfume is so exclusive that it can be hard to find. Here are some hints to help you hunt down a sample of this hot fragrance, without breaking the bank.

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How To Get A Sample Of Flowerbomb Perfume


Find a copy of a beauty magazine such as "Harper's Bazaar," "Vogue" or "Elle." These magazines vary in content from month to month, but in recent months (early 2009), they have included a sample strip of Flowerbomb, which will give you an idea of how the perfume smells.

Purchase a sample from a beauty website that sells perfume. A sample size (.05 oz) of Flowerbomb can be purchased from websites including for under $3, plus shipping (see Resources). Other online retailers include Ultra Fragrances and Perfume Emporium (see Resources).

Visit the beauty counter of a department store such as Macy's, Saks or Nordstrom. You should be able to use a tester of Flowerbomb. Apply the perfume to your skin, rather than a paper card, as perfume mixes with the natural oils and pheromones that are distinct to your body, causing the perfume to smell differently on each person. Employees working at the perfume counter may also be able to offer you a sample vial of Flowerbomb, if they have any in stock.

Seek out gift with purchase offers. Department stores and beauty retailers such as Sephora or high-end department stores often give free samples of perfume with a qualifying purchase. After this promotional period ends, a department store may have excess stock. Ask the person running the perfume counter if she has any older sample premiums of Flowerbomb left over from a previous promotion. The Spring 2008 Beauty Test Tube promotional pack contained a selection of goods, including a sample of Flowerbomb. A retailer may still have some of these older promotional packs left over, but you will need to ask for them specifically.


  • Search eBay for perfume. EBay sellers often sell deeply discounted perfumes, and you may be able to purchase a full size bottle of Flowerbomb for less than half price.