How to Get a Bundt Pan Not to Stick

By Nicholas Wyatt

Bundt pans are a specific type of baking pan designed for bundt cakes. These cake pans are useful because they allow you to make the cake easily. You can mix the cake batter the way you would like and use a variety of different ways to grease the bundt pan before pouring the cake mixture in. This method makes the bundt pan nonstick so you can take out your bundt cake easily and not ruin its shape.

Make your bundt pan nonstick so you can have a perfect bundt cake

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Step 1

Spray the bundt pan with vegetable oil thoroughly and allow it to saturate the pan completely. Use a brush to brush the oil into the creases of the pan so the cake can slide out easily.

Step 2

Sprinkle flour into the cake pan and tap the pan to shake the flour around evenly. After you have shaken the flour around, turn the pan upside-down to let any loose flour fall out.

Step 3

Use vegetable shortening instead of vegetable oil to grease the pan more thoroughly and sprinkle flour in afterward. Use butter as an alternative.

Step 4

Brush butter into the inside of the bundt pan, and sprinkle bread crumbs into the inside of the pan. Afterward, pour your batter as usual. The breadcrumbs and butter help add flavor to the cake and also prevent it from sticking.