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Jewelry is a great way to add flair to any outfit. However, sometimes an injury, heat or water retention can cause your body to swell, making it impossible to get certain jewelry items like a bracelet off. Not only can this cause panic, but it can also be very uncomfortable and even painful. There are several steps you can take to remove a stuck bracelet from your wrist, and many of the materials you need are things you probably have in your home.

Apply ice to the wrist area to reduce any swelling. Even if you have not sustained any injuries to your wrist, your body can swell for a variety of other reasons. You may try elevating your wrist as well, since this will help reduce blood flow -- and thus swelling -- to the area.

Cover your wrist with liquid soap. Rub the soap around as much of your skin as possible, including under the bracelet if you can manage it, and attempt to slide the bracelet off.

Spray a generous amount of glass cleaner on your wrist, getting it under the bracelet if possible, and attempt to slide the bracelet off.

Pour cooking oil around your wrist, making sure to work it under the bracelet, if you can reach. Then attempt to slide the bracelet off.

Use wire cutters to cut off the bracelet. This should only be done if the bracelet is loose enough to still allow movement. Attempting this on a bracelet that is cutting into the skin could cause injury.

Visit a jeweler and ask him to cut off the bracelet if all other steps have failed. If the bracelet is valuable, he may be able to cut it so it can be easily repaired.


Go to the emergency room right away if your skin is becoming discolored and your circulation is cut off. This is a potentially dangerous situation that requires immediate medical attention. Doctors have tools to cut off items of clothing and jewelry in an emergency.