How to Gel Your Hair Up in the Front

By Kevin Hurd

Fictional television character Carlos Garcia was a middle school student on the Nickelodeon Television show "The Brothers Garcia" in 2003. The 13-year-old character, played by Jeffrey Licon, was known for his heavy reliance on gel. He was often shown spending much of his morning sculpting the hair on the top and side of his head and his bangs while his brothers and sisters demanded bathroom time.

Because this person's bangs are too long, they will not stand up well with hair gel.

Getting good results from gel does not have to mean using a lot of it. Hair should be cut short and an appropriate type of gel should be used, such as an ultra hold or mega hold. Shaping the bangs to stand up requires a small amount of gel and good technique. Here is how to get hair to stand up in the front using hair gel:

Step 1

Wash hair with water and shampoo. Then, towel dry the hair so it stays a little bit damp.

Step 2

Squirt a table spoon size of gel into the palm of your hand. Take the index finger, middle finger and thumb of the opposite hand and pick up some of the gel.

Step 3

Work the gel through the bangs. While doing so, use all fingers to pull this hair forward and up. Use individual fingers to style and shape portions of the hair that do not hold up. A small amount of gel may need to be applied specifically to these areas.

Step 4

Continue working the gel through the bangs until they are standing up at the desired height. Then, spray a few squirts of hairspray on the bangs to give them extra hold. Be careful not to get hairspray in your eyes.

Step 5

Apply gel to the rest of the hair if desired. To keep the gel working throughout the day, it may be necessary to rework it periodically. Do this by adding a small squirt of water to the bangs and reshape as necessary.