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Going gray is an emotional experience that prompts many to head straight for a bottle of color. While gray hair can be easily and fully covered with color, the upkeep of overall color is intense. Gray regrowth begins to peek through after only a week or so resulting in a two-tone appearance. Retouches for overall color can be performed monthly, but many people find it hard to keep up with such a regimen. And, of course, there are those dreaded gray roots. Fortunately, there is a color technique that helps blend gray and make it less noticeable called frosting.

Comb through the hair to ensure that it is free of tangles, and place the frosting cap on the head. Tie securely under the chin to keep in place.

Locate the row of pre-punched holes closest to the front, bang area of the frosting cap. Using the needle supplied with the frosting cap kit, push through the pre-punched holes, hook a strand of hair and pull the strand cleanly and slowly through the hole. Repeat process from left to right, finishing one row of pre-punched holes before moving onto the next.

Mix equal parts of the powder lightener and 30 volume developer in a bowl. Blend thoroughly using the color brush. Comb through the hair that has been pulled through the cap to remove tangles and pull through any hair that has snagged inside the cap. Put on the gloves.

Apply the lightening mixture using the color brush. Work in with your hands until the hair on the outside of the frosting cap is thoroughly saturated. Place the plastic cap on the head, and set the timer for 30 minutes.

Check the hair by removing the cap and rubbing away a small spot of the lightener mixture using a damp towel. Move on to the next step if the color matches expectations. If the color is too red or gold, reapply the lightener to the cleaned section, replace the cap and wait an additional five minutes. Perform tests every five minutes until the desired color level has been achieved.

Rinse away all of the lightening mixture from the hair. Apply a small amount of shampoo to the hair, and loosen the ties on the frosting cap. Slowly remove the frosting cap from the head. Shampoo the hair, and follow up with a good conditioner.


A violet-colored shampoo intended to remove yellow from gray and blond hair should be used once a week to keep frosting bright and shiny.

Hair that is 100 percent light gray or white cannot be frosted using bleach or powder hair lightener. Bleach and hair lighteners only remove natural pigment to lighten hair. Light gray hair and white hair possess very little pigment; the results of frosting this type of hair will be minimal. Instead, follow the above instructions and substitute a light hair color, such as honey blond mixed with 20 volume developer, for the bleach mixture.