Rubber gloves and tools for hair colouring

If you had your hair highlighted at the salon and it looks spotty, go back to the salon immediately and get them to fix it. But if you've colored your hair at home and achieved the "spotty" look, you're going to have to fix it yourself.

Purchase a deposit-only color that matches your base hair color. Find the darkest color in your hair. It typically needs to be the color of your new growth or "roots." Match the color of your new growth to the color on the box of dye. Most boxes of hair color have visual aids to help you find the closest possible match.

Mix the dye in your color bowl according to the package directions. Always wear rubber gloves to prevent accidental skin irritation and discoloring. Stir the dye with the application brush until is adequately mixed.

Pull back your hair to locate spotty areas that need fixing. Look for bleeding or lines of highlighted hair that appear too thick. Locate any circular areas or bleached spots. Pull back surrounding hair so you don't get color on it as you fix the spotty sections.

Retouch the spotty colored sections. Dip your application brush into the dye. Apply a small amount of dye to the problem area. Let the dye process according to the package instructions. Wash the dye out of your hair and check to see that the spotty areas are gone.


  • Using a cap for highlights often causes circular spots. Have your hair highlighted with the foil method instead.