Soy milk.

Many people choose soy milk over dairy milk because of the health benefits. Soy milk is low in fat and high in protein, lowers cholesterol, does not contain hormones that dairy milk contains and has just as many nutrients as dairy milk. The down side is that soy milk is a little more expensive. One way to get around the higher price of soy milk is to buy it in bulk at a reduced price and freeze it for later use.

Pour the soy milk into a sealable container. Odors from other food in the freezer can affect the taste of the soy milk, so make sure the container is sealed tightly.

Put the container on a flat surface in the freezer to ensure it will not fall over.

Let the soy milk sit until it freezes. The time it takes to freeze depends on how much milk is in the container. In most cases, the soy milk will freeze overnight.

To use, remove the frozen soy milk, and let it thaw at room temperature.


  • Frozen soy milk also can be used in frozen blended drinks.