Plastic bottle full of milk

Buying milk when it is on sale or when you have coupons or other discounts can help you beat rising prices. As with other perishable items, milk stays good for only a certain time. Freezing the milk before its “Use by” date has passed keeps it fresh until you want to use it. Freezing milk is similar to freezing other drinks, but take a few steps before placing the liquid in your freezer.

Inspect the plastic container thoroughly. Find a new container if the desired one does not have an airtight lid or if it has holes or is otherwise not intact.

Check the “Use by” or “Sell by” date on the milk container. Discard the milk if this date has passed.

Fill the plastic container with milk so that at least one-quarter of the container remains unfilled. Milk expands when it freezes.

Place the airtight lid on the plastic container. Put the container in the freezer.


Defrost the milk for roughly 24 hours in the refrigerator once you wish to use it. Discard any leftover milk within 48 to 72 hours after it is defrosted.

As with other frozen foods, frozen milk should be used within two months of the freeze date.