How Should You Thaw Out a Frozen Gallon of Milk?

By Allison Horky

Milk can be frozen and thawed without causing harm to the liquid itself. When any food is not consumed fresh, the quality will decrease. However, freezing and thawing milk is a good way to save money if the milk is on sale when you buy it. Additionally, freezing milk ensures that you will have a reserve of milk if you run out before your next trip to the grocery store. Thawing out milk is easy to do without making the milk unsafe.

Milk can be frozen and unthawed to be safely consumed.

Step 1

Open the gallon of milk and take out 1 cup of liquid. When liquid freezes, it expands and can bust through the plastic.

Step 2

Freeze the gallon of milk. You can leave it in the freezer from between three weeks to three months. However, milk absorbs flavors, so the quality of milk frozen after three months will be slightly worse than milk frozen for three weeks.

Step 3

Put the frozen gallon of milk in the refrigerator. It will take over a day for the gallon to thoroughly thaw in the refrigerator.

Step 4

Drink the milk after it has thawed completely. The milk will taste slightly different than when first purchased due to separation during the freezing process. It is safe to drink the milk with crystals still in it.