Rice pudding with cinnamon powder
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Sometimes made with water but usually milk, rice pudding is a simple dish that can be served as a side dish or a dessert, depending on the sweetness of the recipe. Cultures from all over the world enjoy rice pudding, making the possible variations practically endless. The pudding freezes well, so you can make a larger batch of plain rice pudding, then season it with sweet or savory additions when you’re ready to eat it.

Preparing Rice Pudding

Make the rice pudding you want to freeze according to your recipe. If the recipe calls for fruit or nut additions, leave those out and add them when you’re ready to eat the pudding instead of freezing them together. Let the rice pudding cool completely to room temperature before freezing it. You can place the rice pudding dish in an ice bath to cool it quickly and safely if necessary.

Freezing Rice Pudding

Place the rice pudding in a freezer-safe container and seal tightly. Using containers that are not freezer safe can cause freezer burn and impact the quality of the rice pudding. Freeze rice pudding for up to three months, though the sooner you eat it, the better it will taste.

Thawing Rice Pudding

The best way to thaw rice pudding is overnight in the refrigerator, but you can use a microwave or a saucepan over low heat to thaw it as well. Do not thaw rice pudding at room temperature, as the milk will spoil. Consume the pudding within a day or two of thawing and refrigerate it when you are not eating it.