Rhubarb has long been a preferred ingredient in crumbles, pies, cakes and jams because its tangy tartness balances well with the saccharine taste of sugar. While this crimson-stalked veggie is typically harvested in springtime, many people wish to store it for use in later seasons. Freezing is not only a safe method for preserving fresh rhubarb, but is also the most effective so long as it’s done properly.

  • Use freezer tape to mark your containers with the contents, quantity and date of freezing.
  • Freezing the rhubarb pieces on a baking sheet prior to placing them in a container makes it easier to remove small quantities at a time, as they will not stick together.
  • A vacuum sealer is a dependable way to ensure all air is removed from your storage bags. If you don’t have one, try using a straw to suck excess air out.
  • Natural peach, apple and white grape juice serve as effective wet pack solutions and are ideal if you want to avoid processed sugar.