fresh cream cheese with herbs

Cream cheese's moisture content causes it to freeze differently than other cheeses, but doesn't reduce its effectiveness as a baking and cooking ingredient. Regular cream cheese is an emulsion that comprises about 55 percent water and 33.5 percent fat; the fat and water have to hold together for the cheese to maintain its uniform consistency. When cream cheese thaws, its moisture partially separates from the fat. To minimize the separation, freeze 1/2 pound or less in one package; if you still find the cream cheese slightly watery upon thawing, whip in 1/2 tablespoon of cream per 8 ounces to re-emulsify it.

Wrap the original package of cream cheese in two layers of plastic wrap or heavy-duty aluminum foil.

Pack the wrapped cream cheese in a heavy-duty freezer bag and squeeze out the excess air before sealing.

Mark the bag with the date and freeze it flat in the freeze; after the cheese freezes solid you can pack it in the freezer to fit. Use the cream cheese within two months.


Thaw cream cheese in the freezer packaging in the refrigerator and use it within two to three days. Don't freeze the cream cheese a second time.