The kidneys are a major part of our bodies waste removal system. Therefore, it is important to keep them healthy and functioning as efficiently as possible. By just once a year making an effort to flush your kidneys you will be helping your overall urinary system.

Keeping your kidneys clean and operating efficiently can deter infections of the urinary tract and also help the kidneys perform their job efficiently. The basis of this flush asks you to drink as much water and cranberry juice that you are comfortable with for a day.

Start by alternating a glass of water with a glass of cranberry juice. Don't overdo it, just drink it at a comfortable pace, don't fill yourself with liquids. Also, if you would like to boost the cleanse, drink a capful of apple cider vinegar. The taste is strong and not too pleasant but it can aid in the cleansing.

Try to fast if possible and only drink water, cranberry juice and smoothies. This is not a requirement though.