Pouring cola soda drink from bottle to glass with ice cubes and lemon slices, copy space

Water is calorie-free, flavorless, and well, a little boring. Carbonated water has a little more zip because of the bubbles that dance over the tongue, but still has a fairly boring flavor profile. If you are looking to kick up the flavor of carbonated water and make it a more enjoyable drink, there are a number of flavorings and ingredients that you can add to your next glass or carbonated water to make it more palatable.

Add a twist of citrus or a few fresh berries to the bottom of an empty glass, and top with ice and carbonated water.

Squirt flavored syrups (such as Torani syrup, which you may have seen at your local coffee shop) into a glass of carbonated water to make a customized homemade soda. Try kiwi, strawberry or almond syrup, or any combination of these.

Crush the leaves of fresh herbs between your fingers to release essential oils, and stir them into your carbonated water. Mint or basil can add a refreshing flavor to plain carbonated water.

Mix carbonated water with fruit juice, such as orange or pineapple.

Purchase a flavor enhancing product, such as Crystal Light or MiO.