Zipper on dress being done up

Dresses are designed to show off the elegant shape of a woman's body. Many fashionable styles of dress have long zippers down the back or along the side of the garment to secure the dress to the body and achieve an attractive and snug shape. When a zipper becomes stuck or broken it can cause frustration. However, you can fix almost any zipper in a matter of minutes.

Examine the zipper to find out why it is stuck or broken. The problem is often caused by a small piece of fabric being caught in the teeth of the zipper, leaving the track too wide to pass over. Bent or folded sections of the zipper track can also become caught inside of the zipper-pull, immobilizing it. These problems can usually be fixed by manipulating the track with your fingers.

Use tweezers to adjust the zipper track and remove foreign objects that may be causing the zipper to malfunction. Tweezers are helpful for situations that require precision. Use the blades of the tweezers to pry at the inside of the zipper-pull for extra leverage.

Rub a waxy substance along the side of a stuck zipper track to return it to the proper position. You can buy zipper wax in small tubes, but in a pinch you can use a candle or crayon. Coat the track of the zipper directly above and below the zipper-pull, then use pushing and pulling motions to push the zipper back into position.

Apply a small drop of baby oil into the zipper pull to lubricate it. This can help you to force the zipper-pull past an otherwise impossible snag. Be careful to avoid spilling any baby oil on the dress itself, as this could lead to oil stains.