How to Fix High Heels

By Jackie Rowson

Almost every woman has a pair of favorite high heels. However, wearing the heels too much can lead to the rubber part of the heel breaking. Accidents also contribute to the heel tip chipping off. Women can save their favorite shoes without visiting a costly shoe repairmen. Heel replacement tips may be purchased to fix high heels.


Measure the correct diameter and size of the damaged heel. These measurements will ensure the new heel tip replacements you buy fit well.

Purchase heel tip replacements. You have better chances of finding heel tip replacements at a shoe repair shop or craft store. Many online stores sell heel tips in sets. This will come in handy should you ever need to do another heel repair in the future. New replacement heel tips come in a variety of sizes and colors.

Pull the old tip from the heel using pliers. It will require a lot of strength to remove the old tip regardless of whether it is metal or plastic. You may gently twist the pliers from left to right to help loosen the old pin.

Repair the loose material around the heel tip. Use the super glue to bind loose leather to the heels. If the material is scratched badly, you may apply matching acrylic paint with a small sponge to the area.

Place the new replacement tip into the hole where the damaged tip was. Use a hammer to hit the new tip into place. Repeatedly hit the tip with the hammer until it is securely fastened. You may also swing the shoe with the new replacement tip downwards on a piece of wood.