How to Fix Frizzy Hair

By LeafTV Contributor

Curly hair by its very nature is delicate. When it becomes damaged or dry, the curls frizz out and if you live in a humid climate, look out! No need to panic, though, here are some tricks to keep frizziness at bay.

Step 1

Learn to like your curls. Straightening efforts and hair relaxants damage hair.

Step 2

Keep shampooing to a minimum since shampoo tends to dry out hair. If you do wash your hair daily, dilute shampoo with an equal amount of water.

Step 3

Use a daily conditioner to keep hair moisturized. Finger-brush your hair while the conditioner is in it. Then rinse.

Step 4

Apply a leave-in conditioner or anti-frizz serum to your damp hair.

Step 5

Deep-condition your hair once a week.

Step 6

To touch up your hair in the afternoon, moisten your fingers with water and a small amount of conditioner. Run your fingers through your hair and smooth out the frizz.