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After purchasing a Coach bag, the last thing you want is for fraying to ruin the purse. There are a few options for fixing fraying on a Coach purse, ranging from sending the handbag to Coach for repair to at-home remedies. The course you choose may depend upon your method of purchase. In order to send the bag to Coach for repairs, you must have purchased the bag from a certified Coach retailer.

Send the bag to Coach for repair. According to Coach's website, repair service is offered free during the lifetime of your product. A $20 fee covers shipping and handling, plus tax where applicable. The fee is nominal compared to purchasing a new bag.

If you did not purchase the bag at an authorized dealer, such as Macy's or another major department store, you may still be able to return the frayed bag to the point of purchase. You should have the receipt with you. Depending upon the age of the bag, some stores may offer in-store credit rather than a full return. The back of the receipt should tell you the store's return policy.

Apply fabric glue to your frayed Coach purse. According to the JoAnn Fabrics website, products such as Singer Sew No More Fabric Glue fixes loose hems in seconds. You can also make invisible repairs to clothing without any sewing. The glue bonds immediately and invisibly, making it ideal for repairs on fraying Coach purses.

Employ clear nail polish to stop the fraying. Much like stopping a run in your pantyhose, clear nail polish can stop fraying on a Coach purse. Cover the fray with a light brushing of clear nail polish and use the needle to push the frayed areas back into place. Allow the polish to dry before using the bag again. Real Simple magazine suggests using clear nail polish "to keep the thread from coming loose" in a button, but the same theory can apply to a frayed Coach purse. (Reference 3)

Close the fray with super glue. Around the fraying area, place two to three drops of super glue. Use the needle to push the fraying fabric back into place. Some super glues may damage fabric. According to the Super Glue Corporation's Glue Guide, its Future Glue Gel is safe on fabrics. Make sure to check the label. Allow the glue to dry before using the purse.


Test the super glue or nail polish on an area of the purse that is not visible to make sure the fabric will not adversely react with the product or change the color. Certain Coach models have had fraying problems, so check with Coach before returning your purse, as the company may just replace it.