How to Fix Dried-Out Eyeliner Gel

By Celeigh O'Neil

Those who covet cat eyes and natural makeup fans alike will keep a pot of gel liner at the ready in their beauty bags. It allows for a more precise and thin line than any other form of liner, defining the eyes with a stroke of the brush. The only downfall to gel is its shelf life. Depending on the formula, gel will dry out between one and two months after the cap is first removed, rendering it chalky and difficult to work with. Instead of taking an emergency trip to the beauty aisle, breathe life back into your gel liner at home to help it regain the top spot in your bag.

Eye Makeup
credit: malyugin/iStock/Getty Images
Gel liners are best applied with a small brush for a graphic eye.

Step 1

Use a toothpick to make five or six holes in the gel liner. This will loosen the product. Stir the liner using the same toothpick, until it reaches a crumbly consistency. The top layer of gel liner will often solidify while the lower layers remain in good condition; stirring allows you to revitalize the product.

Step 2

Hold a hairdryer 3 inches away from the liner pot. Turn it onto the highest heat setting, and hold it in place for 30 seconds. Heat will return the gel to a creamy consistency.

Step 3

Turn off the hairdryer and use a small makeup brush to gently pat the edges of the liner down for a smooth finish. Allow the liner to cool for 1 minute, and secure the cap into place. Repeat every four weeks or as needed.