How to Fix Bleached Hair That's Turned Gray

By Rachel Watkins

Hair damaged from bleach dyes can leave users frustrated and unhappy with their daily appearance. Extended sun exposure can even cause already damaged hair to turn gray. Since bleaching removes hair pigment to create a lighter color, it can be hard to restore color to hair without anything for the color to adhere to. Restoring hair protein health is also essential to restoring hair color and luster for a more attractive look.

Bleach blonde hair can cause frustration if the color is applied incorrectly.

Step 1

Wait two weeks before redyeing or styling hair to allow the hair to replenish necessary natural proteins. Do not style hair in tight ponytails or braids since this can break brittle strands.

Step 2

Apply a hair protein mask, available from salons or beauty supply stores, three times a week for two weeks to help replenish hair nutrients.

Step 3

Dye the hair after two weeks with a warm deep red or orange tone. A golden blond tone may also work. The hair better absorbs these colors because they are darker. Seek professional coloring agents from a salon or beauty shop. Do not use boxed dyes.

Step 4

Rinse hair in water and towel-dry before dyeing.

Step 5

Mix color with peroxide and apply to the entire head including roots and ends. Use a comb to ensure even coverage.

Step 6

Wipe off a portion of the dye after about eight minuets and check the hair color. If it has changed, rinse the rest of the dye mixture from the head with cool water. If it has not changed, leave the dye in for another eight minutes. Do not leave the dye peroxide in for more than 20 minutes.

Step 7

Rinse the entire head in cool water and apply conditioner. Do not shampoo the hair immediately. Use conditioner weekly to continue building hair proteins.