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If you have to be on your feet all day, a practical shoe is absolutely essential. In this situation, Dansko's Professional Clog may be your shoe of choice. The company claims that their specialty leather clogs combine style with the necessary comfort, durability and support. Unfortunately, this does not make them any less susceptible to scuff marks. Nevertheless, restoring your Dansko Professional Clogs to their previous state is easy to do.

Find out what type of leather your shoe was made from. Types of leather include box leather, pull-up leather and oiled leather. Each type of leather will require a different treatment.

Remove any dirt from your shoe with a soft, damp cloth.

Treat scuff marks on box leather shoes by applying a shoe polish to the area with a soft cloth. Make sure the shoe polish matches the color of your shoe. Allow the shoe polish to dry, then buff with a shoe brush.

Treat scuff marks from pull-up and oiled leather shoes by lightly rubbing the area with your fingertips. Continue until the scuff mark has disappeared.