Knowing your microwave's wattage is useful when it comes to determining the load on your household circuits or figuring out whether your microwave is powerful enough to cook a particular microwave recipe. Fortunately for GE microwave owners, determining your microwave's wattage is a fairly simple matter.

Find the model number sticker on your microwave. For GE countertop models, this sticker can usually be found on the back or side of the microwave. For GE cabinet-mounted models, the sticker is on the underside of the microwave.

Read the label carefully. Usually, the wattage of the microwave will be next to the GE model number. You will see a number followed by the letter W, such as 800W or 1000W. This is the wattage number. (For example, a microwave labeled 800W is an 800-watt microwave.)

If you cannot find the wattage listed on the model number sticker, use the model number to look up the owner's manual on the GE website. The owner's manual lists the microwave's wattage.