How to Find Happiness Within Yourself

By LeafTV Editor

Finding happiness within yourself may sometimes be the most difficult thing to accomplish, but it's necessary if you expect to have functional relationships with other people. Knowing yourself and what makes you feel good and bad can help you move forward with your life as well as provide a sense of peace and fulfillment.

How to Find Happiness Within Yourself

Step 1

Engage in at least one sports-related activity a week. Is there a sport you like that is challenging and fun? Consider skiing, soccer, basketball, football and golf.

Step 2

Keep track of significant events in your life in a diary. This will help you deal with your feelings and enable you to look back on your past and see how you have grown.

Step 3

Set quiet time aside for yourself. Treat yourself to a spa experience, read a book or sit outside under the sun.

Step 4

Take up a hobby that you enjoy like gardening, painting, building models, restoring cars, etc. You can find pleasure and fulfillment in things you create.

Step 5

Make a list of things you like and do not like about yourself so you can work on your self-confidence and try to be more comfortable with yourself. You can gain a sense of pride from your accomplishments.