Everyone chases happiness and wants to know the trick to reaching it. The truth is, the answer we seek we actually already have. The hard part is triggering your inner happiness and being able to enjoy it. Here are a few thoughts on inspiring your best you yet:

Set a date with yourself and keep it – If you find yourself slinking into a slump, prioritize you. It doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan but pick a morning or afternoon outside of work that you can block off some time to go for a walk, snag a yoga class you haven’t had time for, or sit and get a fancy coffee in a fancy cafe just because. Whatever it is that you get excited about, set a date and time and go solo. Share the moment with yourself where you aren’t trying to please anyone else and keep that moment sacred.

Just show up – If you’ve made a commitment to an exercise class or to go on a run with a friend and you are having a bad day and want to bail. Just show up. Showing up when you want to quit will make you feel proud when all is said and done on top of the healthy benefits of moving your body.

Pick up a pen – How often do you get to write traditionally anymore anyway? Some good kick-starters for journaling can be anything from what you ate that day to how you felt after a workout to a thought you can’t seem to get out of your mind that might be bothering you. Or write down three things you did well that day. This way you go to bed with a positive mindset.

Learn something new – This idea always seems so overwhelming like learning how to scuba dive or ski which are both great and would be great ‘something news’ but are also big commitments. Learning something new doesn’t always have to be a huge commitment. You can listen to a podcast on your commute, focus on one yoga pose each day that feels out of reach, or try a new simple healthy recipe (see some of our favorites here). It’s a great way to expand your knowledge and also connect you to people with similar interests.

Squeeze in a sunrise – There’s something so inspiring about the start of a new day. Yes, the alarm clock will be a little bit rough at first but make a warm tea or coffee and take a walk or drive if need be to a nearby spot where you can soak in the sunrise. As soon as the sun hits your face and you realize you are one of the only people in your city to be awake and really living in that moment is powerful. It’s a special moment that not everyone has the guts to power through the alarm clock for and it feels good.

Time is so precious and it can be hard to spend it in a way where you are prioritizing yourself but also spending time with the ones you love. It’s important to remember that happiness shouldn’t be the final destination. In order to truly find happiness within yourself you have to like yourself, be proud of yourself, and go easy on yourself. The rest will follow.