Levi Strauss & Co. has manufactured their brand of jeans and other clothing for many decades. And, some of their vintage jeans may be worth more today than when they were originally purchased. There is a market for vintage Levi’s, so find out what your old jeans are worth before you discard them.

Research the history of the Levi Strauss & Co. brand. The history of the company is available online at their website. Read the information on how the jeans have been manufactured over the years. Use information about the company’s design elements to compare your jeans to.

Compare your vintage jeans with other Levi’s being sold online. Make sure the jeans you are comparing yours to are authentic Levi’s jeans. Note the details on the jeans and how much they cost. Check for official manufacturer tags and compare the stitching used on the jeans.

Take a picture of your jeans and send it to:
Consumer Relations/OLD LEVI’S/LS/2
P.O. Box 7215
San Francisco, CA 94120

Include a note that tells them how much you paid for your jeans, when and where you bought them, and that you want to know the current value of them.

Put your jeans for sale on an auction website. Use the average amount of the bids as an indicator of the value of the jeans.


  • If the Levi Strauss company is unable to give you a value for the jeans, they may be able to refer to a source that can.

  • The value of vintage jeans fluctuates with the demand for them.