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Skinny legs can sometimes attract negative attention. It isn't enough to have skinny legs; they should be shapely as well. Today's fashions emphasize your legs. If you have skinny legs, you can change their look with exercise and illusion. In this case, fattening up your legs is a positive move.

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An easy way to develop muscle tone in your legs is with lunges. Be aware of your position; your knee should always be above your ankle, and your back always straight. Do 10 lunges three times a session, three to four times a week.

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An exercise bike brings great results for skinny legs as well. Ride a stationary bike for 25 to 30 minutes three to four times a week. If you're unable to do 25 to 30 minutes, build up to that slowly over time.

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Thick and textured tights add mass and shape to skinny legs. Darker colors are best. Pantyhose that are one shade darker than your skin also create the illusion of more developed legs.

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A spray-on or cream self-tanner product is a quick fix for skinny legs in warm weather. Be sure to use a shade lighter than your leg color and a high quality self-tanner.


Consistency with your exercise will produce better results for your legs.

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