Many people hate the way that they photograph. Even if they are confident, attractive people in real life, the second that they pose for a picture they become awkward, gawky and insincere. In order to avoid this look in pictures, it may be necessary to practice your smile. If you do not enjoy having your picture taken then you will have to fake your smile to some extent or risk looking miserable. In this article we will discuss how to fake a smile for pictures and look good doing it.

Smile into the mirror the way that you usually smile for pictures. Do not try to adjust your face to look more pleasant. Just grin and move on to the next step.

Hold the camera out to the side and take a picture. You may need to turn off the flash so that you do not get a reflection of the flash instead of your picture.

Examine the picture of yourself that you like. Take note of your entire face. Is your mouth open or closed? Are your eyes squinting or wide open? Are you showing any teeth or are your lips pressed together? Were you actually happy or laughing in the picture or was it just a lucky shot? Are you facing the camera or looking sideways? Is your head straight or tilted to the side?All of these things are important to know in order to be able to replicate the smile on cue.

Try to replicate the smile in the picture. Take your time. You need to practice until you can do it on a moment's notice.

Take another picture with your "new" smile. Do not be disappointed if it looks fake to you. Remember, you know that it is. The important thing is that the picture looks good.

Repeat the process several times until you get multiple pictures that you are pleased with. Once you get used to the feeling of producing your new smile, you will be able to do it on cue. Furthermore, as you become more comfortable with having your picture taken, you will probably find that it is not necessary to fake a smile as often.