By Sara Hickman

A smile is an easy way to express yourself when with friends or taking a photo. If you hate your teeth or are afraid to look too "cheesy" you can solve the problem with a closed-lips smile. There are a number of ways to smile without showing your teeth. Practice in a mirror to find the look that best fits your personality and facial structure.

A closed smile can show emotion and look sexy.

Step 1

Close your lips two-thirds of the way for an agape look. Though your teeth will show a little, it is not a full-teeth smile and it will define your cheekbones.

Step 2

Smile with your lips completely closed without a slight curl. Though it is not a friendly smile, you will appear mysterious and sexy. This smile relies more on the eye contact than your teeth and lips.

Step 3

Purse your lips together to highlight your cheekbones and make your face appear slimmer. Celebrities often use this look to appear sexy or glamorous.

Step 4

Press your lips firmly together and curl the corners up for a friendly smile. Keep your cheeks relaxed. Your teeth will not show and the smile will not appear forced.