Curly strands conceal a complex structural world behind that playful volume. Their wavy shape is born from asymmetrical hair shafts and the level of keratin found in the follicles. These curvatures makes it more difficult for natural oils to slide down to the dry ends of the shaft, which means beautiful curly hair requires major moisture rehab and gentle styling to look its healthiest.

Once you have your product in place you can manually train your locks to give them some structure, while playing up their natural shape. Gently dry strands on low heat with a diffuser attachment, which keeps the airflow from your blow dryer to a gentle minimum. Flip your hair over your head as you blow dry to keep the structure in tact and avoid brushing or combing through your hair as you dry.

Keep drying until your hair is just slightly damp. If you have bigger, looser curls grab a 1-inch section and twist into a tight mini-bun. Hold the bun in place for a few seconds and release. Repeat on any areas that need a bit more definition before the hair is completely set into place. For tighter curls, dry your strands completely and spritz with a leave-in conditioner or smoothing finishing spray to give your curls a sleek finish.


Use cool air as you blow dry to avoid damaging and frying your hair with heat, which can contribute to frizzy tresses.