How to Enhance Grey Hair

By Serena Styles

Grey hair can be just as sophisticated and beautiful in appearance as any other hair color. However, as with any other hair color, grey hair must be taken care of correctly in order to enhance its individual qualities. Covering up grey hair with dark dyes is unnecessary; simply use grey-hair-specific products to enhance the natural beauty of your grey hair. With proper care, you can maintain healthy, vibrant grey hair and age gracefully.


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Step 1

Ask your hairdresser to add in lowlights to the bottom layers of your grey hair. While the first instinct of many people is to add highlights, lowlights will create depth in the color and enhance its natural beauty.

Step 2

Wash your hair with shampoo formulated specifically for grey hair. This shampoo enhances the natural color and protects it from yellowing.

Step 3

Condition your grey hair with conditioner formulated just for grey hair. This conditioner not only protects it from yellowing but combats dryness as well.

Step 4

Use a purifying shampoo once a month to remove any buildup on your hair. The trick to enhancing grey hair is to keep its natural tone and not allow it to be altered by yellow and brown buildup caused by polluted air.

Step 5

Keep your hair trimmed. Trimming hair prevents breakage and helps it grow in healthier, enhancing its beauty.